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Day v Humphrey[2017] QCA 104

CITATION: Day v Humphrey [2017] QCA 104
JUDGE(S): Morrison JA
DELIVERED ON: 26 May 2017

Editorial Notes

  • Published Case Name:

    Day v Humphrey & Ors

  • Shortened Case Name:

    Day v Humphrey

  • MNC:

    [2017] QCA 104

  • Court:


  • Judge(s):

    Morrison JA

  • Date:

    26 May 2017

Litigation History

EventCitation or FileDateNotes
Primary JudgmentSC5774/16 (No Citation)23 Mar 2017Plaintiff's application for Daubney J to recuse himself refused: Daubney J.
Primary Judgment[2017] QSC 23626 Oct 2017Plaintiff's second application that Daubney J recuse himself refused; fourth, fifth and sixth defendants' application for summary judgment granted: Daubney J
Primary Judgment[2019] QSC 3801 Mar 2019Plaintiff's application for recusal of Mullins J refused; parties directed to apply to Senior Judge Administrator to nominate a Judge in lieu of Mullins J to be supervising Judge: Mullins J.
Primary Judgment[2019] QSC 5514 Mar 2019Costs judgment from [2019] QSC 38: Mullins J.
QCA Interlocutory Judgment[2017] QCA 10426 May 2017Application to stay orders of Daubney J made 23 March 2017 pending appeal refused: Morrison JA.
Notice of Appeal FiledFile Number: Appeal 12360/1722 Nov 2017Appeal from [2017] QSC 236.
Appeal Determined (QCA)[2018] QCA 22418 Sep 2018In CA3799/17 (appeal from 23 March 2017) appeal dismissed. In CA12360/17 (appeal from [2017] QSC 136) appeal allowed in part (appeal against recusal dismissed; appeal against summary judgment allowed and orders giving judgment for the fourth, fifth and sixth defendants set aside): Morrison and Philippides JJA and Brown J.
Appeal Determined (QCA)[2018] QCA 32116 Nov 2018Appeal costs order in CA12360/17 (appeal from [2017] QSC 236): Morrison and Philippides JJA and Brown J.
Application for Special Leave (HCA)File Number: B49/18; B50/1816 Oct 2018-
Special Leave Refused (HCA)[2019] HCASL 106 Feb 2019Special leave refused (B49/18): Keane and Edelman JJ.
Special Leave Refused (HCA)[2019] HCASL 206 Feb 2019Special leave refused (B50/18): Keane and Edelman JJ.

Appeal Status

Appeal Determined - Special Leave Refused (HCA)

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